In this class I showed my colors and learned not only about my peers’ stories but also learned about myself and developed my own personal style of writing that works for me and I am comfortable. Through my essays I showcased an introduction of myself with the tools learned in class and improved my skills too. As a reflection, at the end of the semester we were to choose 5 of the course goals and I evaluated myself and what I consider are my goals that I would carry on and share the most with. 

  1. Develop strengths and weaknesses 

The strength I realized during my writing is I was able to make my argument visual and descriptive. And my weaknesses were asking for help and expressing myself verbally but I make it up in my writing and for grammar mistakes of course. 

  1. Develop confidence as writers 

Before, my confidence level in English in general was below the bar because of my past and how uninterested I was which I think ties along with the lack of confidence in writing. Also, what boosted my confidence was this class in general which includes the professor who was super supportive and gave no judgment towards our writing skills. And with positive feedback from classmates and the professor made me feel better as a writer.

  1. Write complex and well-reasoned compositions in languages, style, and structure appropriate to purpose and audience

In this class I was able to incorporate my language in my writing, such as in my personal narrative. Adding on, I was able to express myself and not care about others’ opinions just like Jennifer Tamayo.

  1. Read for main points while documenting information from text, books,library, shows, film, and internet.

During this class in certain assignments such as the argumentative essay where we had to choose a fairytale to write an argument for, as well seeing examples of rhetoric being used in movies such as the video of the dark side of disney and children shows and the movie Cujo.

  1. Have fun while developing was a writer 

I definitely had fun becoming a strong writer because I was able to research topics I am interested in and had the freedom to explore and choose something I like and read interesting and different as well as mature readings. And the class creates a safe and relaxed environment where everyone can be themselves and learn about each other.

Writing for Humanities opened my eyes and mind to see a more enjoyable and comfortable side of a class. This class allows me to explore and get to know myself as well to express ourselves in our writing. It has been such a wonderful and joyful experience where everyone can be themselves. And showed me writing isn’t as terrible as it made out to be. I know there is still room for improvement and I definitely am an introverted person and don’t speak much in class. I was able to prove myself through group presentations, helping out classmates, and in my writing specifically in my personal narrative and argumentative writing. This class shows that words can be powerful and how everyone can be a writer.